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Self Care: My Bag of Tricks

My last blog was about my nostalgia for the warmth and comfort of community. The familiarity of gathering around that old Philips TV set, sharing in laughter when…

A snippet of the genius of Thelonious Monk

I heard about Thelonious Monk from Nina Simone. I speak of her like she’s my girl, I know and in another world, she probably would have been. Because…

What happened, Miss Simone?

Nina Simone is able to stand upon a shadowed stage, take in all light and then return that luminescence to her audience in opulent, pulsating rays. At other times and with no seeming reluctance she rejects the audience, rejects their physical fact, rejects their loyalty, rejects their devotion. What formed this puzzle? What further convolutes this complexity? “America!”

The quintessential James Bond song. Nina Simone’s I Hold No Grudge. #SundayJam

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