Introducing, The Fruit Of My Lens, a multimedia platform that uses dialogue to facilitate access to the word of art. Primarily living on this website, and on Instagram as TheFruitOfMyLens, the platform is all about mainstreaming art and artists by sharing knowledge, highlighting excellence and encouraging opening up a world that is relatively insular.

I am not any more knowledgeable about art than the man on the street. I sit outside of the margins of this exclusive world. For a while I have felt unwelcome in spaces that house art and yet art reflects, challenges and progresses society. Without me and you, there would be no need for art, there would be no experience for art to draw from, there would be no audience for art – there would be no art. Art is about me and you. Yet the custodians of the art world have built and encouraged an insular world that largely excludes people who don’t look, speak or act in ways they approve. 

I have often walked into art spaces and felt black; walking into galleries and being one of a handful of black people, with as few black artists, curators and gallery owners. Then it was about not having had the right schooling. I didn’t study Fine Arts or Art History or anything art related. So I don’t have the “right language” to talk about art. I don’t know the words and the terms that inspire typical confidence in the knowledge of art and artists. I also don’t know how to tell you what someone’s brush stroke looks like on a canvas or their style. But none of that means I do not enjoy art, nor does it means that the ways that I consume and enjoy art are in anyway illegitimate. 

I am not alone in feeling like this, and through The Fruit Of My Lens, I want to help change that. I want to help make art accessible to anyone interested but feeling uncomfortable to walk into spaces that house art. The assumption that the conversations sparked by artists can only be understood by a small insular community is ignorant and maybe a little offensive. People may not have the language that fits in the world of art fundis but we all can enjoy and appreciate art in our own ways, ways that are legitimate and real. And we should feel free to do so, and be allowed to do so, without feeling like we don’t fit in, or feeling unwelcome. 

I’ll explore and learn, highlight and showcase, and even share an opinion or two, in my own twisted way. On this platform, that real dialogue will find home.

Of course this is not the first time someone is doing this, and it won’t be the last. There are many other people and establishments trying to do the same thing, to open this world to the world. I hope to add to their efforts in my own little way. 

I will stumble and fall many times as I weave my way in this world. I will misuse terms and I will make mistakes. I am sure I will annoy and piss people off. But that will not temper my excitement because to me, discovering and learning about art is like reading the journal of humanity. I am excited to discover, enjoy, and highlight voices and perspectives of the people ‘writing the social diary’ of humanity. It is, after all, you and I who inspire artists, their work is about you and I, and for you and I.

Featured Imagery Ivan Clot Masson, his Flickr photo stream is here>>>