This is part II of Top 10 of My Favourite Podcasts of All TimeCheck ’em out:

Two Dope QueensTwo Dope Queens

What started off as hanging out at comedy clubs between Phoebie Robinsonand Jessica Williams became a podcast and this year, an HBO show. Two Dope Queens is a comedy show, recorded live where Robinson and Williams perform comedy, and share the stage with other fantastic comedians. The two women are carefree, woke and absolutely funny. Nothing is out of bounds for them and I believe that this show has been instrumental in asserting their place in America’s entertainment industry. Each episode spans between 30 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes.


The Guilty Feminist PodcastThe Guilty Feminist

A recent discovery – where have I been! Deborah Frances-White presents this fantastic safe space to deliberate on “our noble goals as 21st century feminists and the hypocrisies that undermine them.” Frances-White is a comedian, and she is a riot! This podcast gave me “I am a feminist, but…” which is such a fantastic nuance of many people’s feminist existences. It also gave me Jon Hamm. It disintegrates the many ways in which the patriarchy peppers our lives, and even provides some everyday solutions to smashing the patriarchy. Frances-White presents with guest comedians like Susan Wokoma, Bisha K. Allie, Jessica Fostekew and Sara Pascoe. The podcast started off with Frances-White co-hosting with the co-founder Sofie Hagen – a kick ass, hella funny Danish comedian. One of the most magical things about this show is witnessing Frances-White’s learning curve from (white) feminist to intersectional feminist. In every single episode, you will learn something about yourself and you will add to your faculty of language how to call out the patriarchy and all its fuckiness. This is yummy.


what it takes podcastWhat It Takes by Academy of Achievement

Every person who is part of the Academy of Achievement was interviewed and those interviews have been storified into this podcast. I like how it takes each subject and while reveling in their greatness, and celebrating them for changing the world, also presents them as ordinary people. It’s a fantastic way of getting to know your heroes – the Oprah Winfrey three-episode special is a highlight. Sometimes the podcast focuses on one person per episode, sometimes they mash up two personalities. Still, the subjects’ humanity shines through. Listening to the Lauryn Hill episode gives such a fantastic insight into her creative genius and the social pressures that came with it in the context of the music industry. Each episode is just under an hour.


thirst aid kit podcastThirst Aid Kit

My naughty corner on the internet – Thirst Aid Kit is a safe space in the interwebs where people can thirst celebrities without judgement. The show’s lens is the female gaze and hosts Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins lead us on a thirst journey, objectifying the beautiful men of Hollywood. One day, when we have time, I will get into why these two women and this podcast are a very important fixture in pop culture. They beautifully and funnily objectify, and as part of their shtick, they write and read fan fiction, aka drabbles, about these men. They are both writers so you know the prose is rich and interesting, and they never stutter, and they (usually) mean every word. They once interviewed Chris ‘Captain America’ Evans and have hosted their first live show already. Prepare to flood your basement with these two.


death sex and money podcastDeath, Sexy and Money

Anna Sale is a fabulous storyteller and in Death, Sexy and Money, she reels you in with her charming voice, her wit and her fantastic brain. The show discusses death, sex and money, and goes to places where people don’t normally do in polite conversation. She has interviewed celebrities, podcasters and ‘regular’ people and the podcast’s fantastic community of people who actively engage the podcast now and again feature in episodes. Sale was once interviewed by Jessie Thorn on his podcast, The Turn Around, and she said that the thing that makes the show stand out is that it is about resonance – finding a way to relate and resonate meaningfully with other people. And in truth, that’s what we all want isn’t it? Each episode is between 45 minutes to an hour.