Over two days, 19th – 20th November 2015, TEDxJohannesburg brings you ideas worth sharing under the theme, Moonshots.

TEDxJohannebsurg 2015 Moonshots

“The theme for TEDxJohannesburg 2015 is Moonshots, which for us means the most monstrous, awe-inspiring dreams, hopes and goals that humanity sets for itself”

23 speakers will give the talk of their lives, literally in that they are sharing their lives’  work and figuratively in the talks are impassioned and life-changing.

On Thursday 19th November, 17 speakers will deliver their talks at the Soweto Theatre with a live simulcast at Turbine Hall in Newton,  and on Friday 20th November,  6 speakers will deliver their talks at Turbine Hall.

The speaker line up is diverse, with people from various industries, interests and backgrounds with the likes of:

It’s not just the speakers whose talks will engage you in ways you never thought possible, but also, the other delegates who come to the event. TEDx is an enriching experience all round.

I have had the privilege of being part of the TEDxJohannesburg, TEDxSoweto and TEDxVanderbijlpark teams, and those moments of contact changed me in ways I did not expect. TEDx nourished my zeal for seeking out and embracing life-changing moments of truth; in whatever form or scale. Volunteering with them, I engaged and intimated with some of our generation’s foremost thinkers, creatives and change-makers. One of the things that startled me the most about this community in Johannesburg (TEDxSoweto and TEDxJohannesburg) was just how sincere the people running the show are: Kelo Kubu, a matriarch with a benevolent temperament and an assertive nature and Ithateng Mokgoro, wildly creative and unapologetically humane. It is no wonder they make this event happen every year.

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