Blogging ain’t easy. A lot of people don’t realise this until they start. This shit really ain’t easy. The content planning and development, and then keeping the momentum going and never losing it. Damn!

It’s also not for the faint hearted – thank you trolls. Because blogging by nature is personal – it has to be to be authentic. And some people will ‘piss on you stoep every night’ if they can (If you watched RENT you will remember that line from La vie Boheme). So you put your heart out there, and some people troll you. Endlessly. It requires more of your person than most of us know how to give. It’s challenging.

For me it was always kind of there, passively somewhere in the background. I had three or four blogs that tanked – hence the ‘flighty blogger’ attribute on my Twitter profile. ‘Tanked’ as in they did not develop further beyond a few posts. The Fruit Of My Lens really started when I encountered a racist patron at Munch in Parktown North (the one inside The Garden Shop on corner Jan Smuts & Chester. Yeah, don’t go there. The management will sit and watch racist patrons do everything short of saying ‘nigga gimme that damn hot sauce’ and then act all surprised when you question their complacency.)

That incident had me so mad I had to share with someone, anyone who would listen and the internet was just there for that. I couldn’t resist. I shared. Some people thought he was just an asshole and could not see the ‘race’ part of it. And that’s half the story. Some friends related with my experience and shared theirs too. The more I talked of that incident, the more I saw and felt the need to share my narrative.

From it I learnt that my narrative is as much unique as it is not. That the fruit of my lens (see what I did there) is not necessarily everyone’s. But it is mine. I own it. I am responsible for it. It is as important as any other. And only I can better articulate it. I will share it. In sharing it, I assert my voice – the things I stand for and the things that I don’t. That is where blogging has evolved to, for me at least – an inhabited space where I share my narrative, give expression to my thoughts, views, experiences and everything else in between. It took me a while to figure this out. But it all makes sense now. Finally.