Don’t expect tutus, tiaras and boys in tights. This is not ballet like you know it. This is the lovechild of Mikhail Baryshnikov and  Ricardo Buscarini – contemporary ballet if you may. That’s what #GenevaBallet are bringing to the stage at Joburg Theatre’s Nelson Mandela from 17th June – 21st June 2015. As of today, only three more performances remain. The company’s presentation at this part of their tour is an adaptation of the Shakepeare classic Romeo & Juliet.

What to expect? The irony of contrived movement and free, perhaps even fuller lines. A bare stage, not much props nor set of any kind – probably a statement on its own and possibly a moment where contemporary dominates.

The music is sadly pre-recorded, and not a live orchestra performance. I would imagine that as the show runs for such a short time, pulling in a band would have been too much preparation for the short week of performances. Which makes sense, but still does not stop you from longing for the genius of Roelef Colyn.

All in all, #GenevaBallet is a an experience worth an evening out with your loved one. Go check it out here>>>