Since my banting stint, I’ve cut down on soft drinks replacing them with sparkling water. This has been great from a health and vitality perspective. The one thing I was however, not ready for, is that buying bottled sparkling water can be costly. So for the last couple of months, I have been moaning about getting a SodaStream as a solution. My moaning has been more of swooning actually, close to the way a teenager does over a celebrity. Really. Because honestly, I have wanted a SodaStream for a long time and with the whole cutting-down-on-sugar move, it seemed even more apt to get this delightful gadget.

Every time I was at Pick ’n Pay, I would do a double take when passing the aisle with SodaStream merchandise. It was torture. Then, I heard about the SodaStream competition and I signed up. Within a week, I couldn’t keep up. Having to login everyday, invite and canvas people to sign up for the competition was exhausting. Yes I wanted a SodaStream, but getting it through the competition was just too damn demanding. So I went back to swooning. Every week at my local Pick ’n Pay store, I would be literally excitable at the sight of the SodaStream jumbo pack. The notion of making water exciting excited me. I was positively crazy to the point that my desktop background on my laptop was SodaStream drinks makers! Buying one was definitely on the cards.

SodaStream Screenshot

Then, on Christmas eve, my partner came home with a surprise…

The Scholl Vibrating Chair Massager

The Scholl Vibrating Chair Massager

It was a surprise because we had decided that we wouldn’t get each other Christmas gifts this year but chose to use those funds to buy some furniture for the house. I had already screwed that one up by buying him a Scholl vibrating chair massager for use in the car and in the office. He needed one, and frankly, after trying it out – we all need need one.

So the surprise was a SodaStream Jumbo Pack. (Read: a box of goodies). In the box was a SodaStream Jet drinks maker, two CO2 gas cylinders, four carbonating bottles and one 500ml drinks flavoured drink concentrate. An annoyance – one of the carbonating bottles had no cap. So essentially 3 functional bottles. The right thing to do – take it back to Pick ’n Pay and get a new set – if they have it. Very annoying having to take time out and return the set for a new one simply because there is no cap in one of the carbonating bottles. Very. So I decided not to take it back and considered that I only have 3 carbonating bottles.

SodaStream Jumbo Pack

That being said, I love my SodaStream! It is everything I imagined, and then some.

I love the concept of turning ordinary tap water into sparkling water. It’s such an elegant idea, #WaterMadeExciting indeed. The drinks flavours are interesting too, granted I have only used the Icy Orange flavour which came with the pack. I am already toying with making my own drinks and variations of flavoured water, and ice teas. Watch this space!

Side note: It completely helps that with the drinks one can make, SodaStream takes on some of the biggest giants in the cold beverages industry. Any David and Goliath situation is a sexy story in my book, and if the David pulls out all the stops to be heard in an otherwise noisy media space full of Goliaths – that’s a winner! SodaStream bowled me over with that Scarlett Johannson campaign and whenever I make my bubbles, I look at Coke and I #swerve!