I was so excited when D’Angelo’s latest album, Black Messiah, dropped early this month I was positively squealing. I have missed his sound terribly. Kinda like the way I miss Lauryn Hill’s sound, I mean 14 years is a long time. So in my excitement I listened to the whole album in one sitting. After that instant gratification, I started to really listen to Black Messiah. I’ve been going through it one song a day and today’s track is Sugah Daddy. Three words – What a jam!

If you are like me and you want to understand the song, you will want to read the lyrics to the song as you listen. After all, as Matthew Ismael Ruiz says in his review of the album on Flavorwire, “D’Angelo has always been a bit of a mystery [lyrically]; try to follow along without a lyrics sheet and you’ll quickly realize enunciation is not his aim. His words sound like he pushes them out, less spoken or sung than emoted. It feels earnest.

In an album that has been lauded for social commentary, digging into the black man’s narrative, religion, politics, etc., Sugah Daddy is a cheeky, sexual track that’s really a breeze. Enjoy!