Scandal Shonda Rhimes

Scandal US – The Fixer on Mnet – is on break until 29th January 2015. The feeling of withdrawal is brutal. I have tried to fill the gap with other TV shows but nothing packs quite the same punch as the Shonda Rhimes created/ written and produced series. So in the meantime, I will muse upon random thoughts that come to mind as I wait unabatedly for Miss Pope to grace my screen again. Here’s ten of them:

1. Olivia Pope’s ringtone

You know that familiar sound from Miss Pope’s Windows phone, aka Lumia, formerly Nokia. It’s that bleep sound that seems to say, Fitz is calling, pick up. It’s cool. Very. To the point that it’s my ringtone.

2. Maya Pope. Eli Pope. Olivia Pope. Powerful Black People

I love powerful black people. I suppose it’s a legacy thing – about building one – wanting to see more black people on the big screen given Hollywood is so white. And then wanting to see them portrayed in a positive light, and I am using ‘positive’ sparingly because Maya and Eli are hardly heroes in this series. But they are powerful, and I love that!

Mama Pope

3. The Palpable Chemistry. Olivia and Fitz and Jake. Quinn and Huck and Charlie. Abby and David and [I can’t say who in case I ruin it for y’al who haven’t seen season 4 yet]

Move over sappy love stories. Incoming are fierce, passionate lovers whose chemistry is so destructively beautiful to watch (only on TV, of course).

Olivia Pope Diet

4. The Olivia Pope diet

Popcorn and red wine. Tim Noakes may not approve but who cares?

5. The Republic

No one upholds the idea and concept of The Republic with the same passion and drive like Cyrus Bean and Eli Pope do. Yes they may have their own ulterior motives but when it comes to The Republic, they are unflinching. The lengths to which they are willing to go for The Republic are impressive. It’s the dream of many an idealist politics student.

6. Vermont. Standing in the sun. The White Hat

Romanticism, turns out we call it different names. For Olivia in her relationship with Fitz, it’s Vermont, in her relationship with Jake it’s Standing in the sun and in her dealings with David Rosen it’s The White Hat.olivia pope white hat

7. The Republicans

It will be a while before we are all rid of the conservative hangover. Republicans and many other right wing advocates are obviously still suffering this it a lot more than others. Give them time, but always remind them that their days are numbered. Fitz, Cyrus, Olivia and Mellie will sort them out.

8. The people behind the scenes also run the show

The funders, the researchers, the hackers, the strategists, the media connections – these are the people who run the show. The faces of campaigns and elected officials, yeah they also do, but the people behind the scenes have such gravitas in their influence one is tempted to call them the rock stars of our day! One wonders about history…

9. The First Lady can be ceremonial. The First Lady can also be pivotal in running the country. It’s all a matter of choice

Mellie Grant ScandalBellamy Young carries the role of Mellie Grant with such perfection that a monument should be erected in her honour. She has a number of turning points, downers and uppers – she’s so human it’s captivating to watch. In season 4, she has a particular turning point where she decides to run the country. It’s inspiring in a sort of sisters-are-doing-it-for-themselves way. Except the sisters here are first ladies. You will only get this if you have watched season 4.

10. PR runs the world

It’s all PR. Everything is PR. Elections, campaigns, policies, debates, international relations, relationships between politicians, the White House – it’s all PR. Now let all the PR practitioners say SWERVE!